About Me

My name is Leslie Decker . I am a native speaker of English, as well as a fluent speaker of German and Dutch.

I was born in Austin, Texas and grew up nearby in the towns of Hutto and Bastrop. From 1994-1998, I attended the University of Texas at Austin, and graduated with a double-major in German and linguistics, with minors in English and Dutch. During my time at the University, I also studied abroad twice--for the first time a summer in W├╝rzburg, Germany, and for the second time a year in Leiden, the Netherlands. During those stays I learned to speak German and Dutch fluently.

After working for a few years in Austin, I returned to Europe in 2000. In Prague, Czech Republic, I worked as a teacher of English as a foreign language, traveling to businesses both as part of a school and as an independent contractor. There I stayed until 2003, when I returned to Austin to attend grad school in Foreign Language Education.

In 2006, after completing three semesters of student teaching I started at Taylor High School, teaching German and ESL, and assisting with technology staff-development workshops. In the past years, I have taught German I-IV, as well as ESL reading, ESL I-IV, and ESL and special ed inclusion. In addition, my German students have traveled to Germany, and participated (and WON) at Houstonfest and state German competitions.

In 2013, I am starting a new adventure. In the fall I will be teaching German at Cedar Ridge High School in Round Rock.

As is probably obvious, I love languages and traveling. In addition to speaking fluent German and Dutch, I also speak conversational Czech and Spanish. I have friends all over Europe and other places in the world, and love going to visit them.

In my free time I go to language conversation groups regularly, not only to practice my language skills, but to meet new people, with which I've been very successful. I also enjoy movies and music, and regularly go to concerts and films.

In February 2012, I appeared in the Jeopardy! Teacher's Tournament, in which I reached the semi-finals.