About Me

My name is Leslie Decker . I am a native speaker of English, as well as a fluent speaker of German and Dutch.

A native of Central Texas, I have also spent five years in Europe studying, learning, and teaching languages. My teaching career started in Prague, Czech Republic in 2000, where I taught English as a foreign language to adults in small classes--usually privately. In 2003 I returned to Austin to attend graduate school in Foreign Language Education and obtain my secondary teaching certificate. Since 2006 I have been teaching German and ESL at the high school level, as well as in private lessons.

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About my teaching

Different people have different learning styles. Some are visual learners; they need to see it to understand it. Others are auditory learners. For them, hearing is important. Still others are kinesthetic learners who have to DO things to master a skill. People like me are analytical learners. We learn best when we figure things out, break them down, and make associations.

In addition, people learn languages for different reasons. Some need it for work. Others need it for travel, and for many, it's just a hobby. One person might need more conversation, and another may benefit from writing and grammar

I can tailor my lessons to any of the above learning styles and purposes. Please contact me for more info.

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